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About me

If you are reading this, then YES, I have finally published my blog!!!  On Instagram, you know me as “Pretty Plush Perspective.”  Years ago, when I created my  IG,  my intention was to use it as the social media platform to complement the blog.   Fast forward several years later and it had of morphed into my personal page, however, I'm back on track now. 

I hit the scene in the '80s and I've been an old soul my entire life.  I live for a great laugh, leopard print, matte red lips, chocolate, and yoga pants.  I help people tap into their own strength by profession and on most days, I love what I do... with the exception of paperwork!  I'm situated in Alabama by way of the Midwest.  No, I'm not from the South but I come with a ton of charm.  I love my family!  We are a quirky bunch, to say the least, but everything that I am, especially the best parts of me, I owe to them.  I am blessed to have an amazing group of sister friends who will be all up and through this blog.  I couldn’t manage without them at all…like AT ALL.  I look forward to getting to know all of you & hope to not only inspire and encourage you but receive inspiration and encouragement as well.  We’re all in this thing called life together.  Welcome to PRETTY PLUSH PERSPECTIVE!!!